Greg's diary
September 1975
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This page contains the only entry from my paper diary for September 1975. It was entered on 14 April 2017. Items in italics, like this, were added at this time.

Wednesday, 17 September 1975 Schermbeck
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And so I write in here again. I don't suppose it has much point, but on the other hand it may bring back some subtle faded memory when I read it in possibly 10 years time,

For large values of 10. I don't think I read it at all until 2017.

just as I renewed a by-no-means so faded memory just now by reading what I did 10 years ago.

I'm guessing that this was exactly 10 years prior. Interestingly, when I followed the link, I found it had been visited recently.

I could hardly expect the next 10 years to bring as much change as the last; form my first serious love affair (which, for want of understanding, I blew; if I were now or in the future to blow my relationship with Doris, it would be lack of patience rather than understanding) to where I am now, married, even halfway aufgeklärt, successful, out-of-place systems analyst. And what is it to think about this, to write about it? Maybe it will have some effect, but I can't imagine what sort.

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