Greg's diary
February 1976
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This page contains the only entry from my paper diary for February 1976. It was entered on 14 April 2017. Items in italics, like this, were added at this time.

Wednesday, 17 September 1975 Schermbeck
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And so time goes on, and still, despite my increasing vegetation and placidness, I haven't started writing this thing regularly again. Why not? When I stopped, it ws directly or indirectly Sue Fortescue's fault: my way of life became less ordered. Admittedly, my way of life at the moment, at least as far as my work goes, is by no means ordered, at least outwardly, but there is something ordered in it which wasn't there before. And after all, after (yet again!) reading about autumn 1968, when I had no particularly difficulty keeping a diary, I ought to be able to keep it now.

Wrote a letter to Bev and Sonny asking them to join us in France in April: hope they're able to come.

I think they must have been in Singapore at the time.

One of the things that fascinated me in 1968 was the fact that the same sort of thing seemed to happen to Sonny as to me, just as a horoscope would predict; now it seems again as if we are all getting settled and comfortable together, albeit in different parts of the world. Should we not try to become nearer again?

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